Why Does an Inhaled Oxygen supplement work in Today’s World?

In a perfect world with perfect breathing technique, excellent air quality indoors and out, no air pollution, no alcoholic drinks and zero stress, there would be no reason for an inhaled oxygen supplement to exist. In truth we can’t really escape poor air quality, be it at home, the office or the gym. The impact of the air we breathe and the way we breathe is now being looked at more closely by the world’s experts. Some of their findings have been published in the links below.

The fact is, the human body is unable to measure O2 levels. The only way the body reacts to poor oxygen levels is by slowing down the bodies functions. Mentally and physically the body slows down, and in an extreme case, loss of consciousness. If healthy oxygen levels are undetectable by the human body, can we truly perform at our best?

South Africa’s first inhaled supplement was created to combat the challenges faced in the real world. The idea behind a stimulant free, inhaled supplement, containing 95% concentrated oxygen, was to allow you to perform at your BEST when it matters the most.


Breathing just got harder in the Real World…and here’s why??

Poor Breathing technique

According to the findings published in Men’s Journal by Chuck Thompson, we all come into the world with the ability to take full, unencumbered breaths, however over time we forget how to breathe properly. The factors that cause bad breathing habits are, “Poor posture, restrictive clothing, bad habits such as smoking, diets that lead to high blood pressure and racing hearts, increasingly rapid and emotionally stressful lives, lack of exercise, multitasking, polluted environments, and slouching in front of computers are just a few of the things that literally take our breath away, creating a lifestyle that’s in-congruent with proper breathing. Modern life causes the average person to use about a third of his natural lung capacity, while drawing about 15 breaths a minute.” PROPER Breathing Technique, increases oxygen saturation in cells as well as increased energy and cognitive abilities. http://www.mensjournal.com/magazine/you-re-breathing-all-wrong-20130227

Indoor Air Quality

Typically the average person spends more time indoors than outdoors and hence the quality of air indoors plays a bigger impact on our health than we expected. Based on the findings published on http://www.breathing.com/articles/sickbuildings.htm, oxygen levels can vary from one to six percentage points in different locales. The body has no way of measuring oxygen levels but does have the ability to measure CO2 levels. This means when indoors, a person is unable to determine if the oxygen levels are healthy, and most times it’s NOT. O2 levels are further compromised due to poor building ventilation, and the number of people in an area. Remember most of our time is spent indoors, at the office, gym, sporting arenas’ and our homes.

Air Pollution

Everybody understands air pollution but nobody can tell the impact it has on the body and mind. We simply go along on our day to day activities until something gives. Its only in the time of crises do we truly contemplate the silent killer around us. Fortunately a Businesstech report was able to highlight areas in South Africa that have concerning air pollution levels.


Alcohol consumption

With reference to the article published by Hyra Sheahan, Alcohol slows down the process of oxygen absorption, through blood sludging. Blood sludging is the clinical term used to describe the phenomenon between alcohol and your red blood cells, which, in turn, impacts your body’s ability to absorb oxygen. Once alcohol has entered your bloodstream, it causes your red blood cells to clump together. The clumping makes it so that the small blood vessels become blocked or plugged. As a result, the tissues and organs in your body are unable to receive oxygen from the blood. Without oxygen, cells, tissues and organs cannot function properly. http://www.ehow.com/info_8017604_effects-alcohol-oxygen-absorption.html


With reference to http://altered-states.net/barry/newsletter395/

If the body is stressed it will cause an oxygen deficiency, and there are four major types of stress which deplete oxygen:

1: TOXIC STRESS – stress resulting from toxic envi­ronmental chemicals requires the use of extra oxygen; since oxygen is used in all detoxification processes.

2: EMOTIONAL STRESS – stress everyone is familiar with; it brings about the production of adrenaline and adrenal-related hormones which utilize oxygen.

3: PHYSICAL TRAUMA – reduces circulation and the subsequent oxygen supply to a great many cells and tissues throughout the entire body.

4: INFECTIONS – use up “free-radical” forms of oxy­gen to combat bacteria, fungi and viruses. Frequent use of drugs to counteract infections also depletes cellular oxygen since oxygen is required to metabolize them out of the system.

From everything that life throws at us, be it in the streets of Jozie, in a local Box, before a BIG power-lift or in an exam room, we still expect our best performances. In aid of high expectations and zero compromises, supplemental oxygen will keep you mentally and physically ready for the challenges ahead.


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