Why Does an Inhaled Oxygen supplement work in Today’s World?

In a perfect world with perfect breathing technique, excellent air quality indoors and out, no air pollution, no alcoholic drinks and zero stress, there would be no reason for an inhaled oxygen supplement to exist. In truth we can’t really escape poor air quality, be it at home, the office or the gym. The impact of the air we breathe and the way we breathe is now being looked at more closely by the world’s experts. Some of their findings have been published in the links below. Read more

A Winning Spirit till the very end



Joost van der Westhuizen, a name that means a lot if you’re a lover of rugby or South African. A name that’s synonymous with local is always lekker. Its with a heavy heart we bid farewell to a rugby legend, a symbol that takes us back to that glorious day of the 1995 Rugby World Cup Final. A moment that truly brought our country together and created the legend, Joost van der Westhuizen. Our dear Joost, we salute you, for your fighting spirit on and off the field. It takes a true champion to push on, even when the camera’s and crowds have moved on, when the only thing keeping you going is the sheer will to win. Your will to fight, till the clock has run out, will remain with us forever.  Read more

Wake Up!

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Snap Out Of It!

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