Portable Oxygen Canisters

Now there’s NO excuse for being out of breath. With premium concentrated oxygen available in portable, light weight canisters, being out of breath should never slow you down.

With age, comes the inefficiencies in the body’s ability to produce energy for day to day activities, such as climbing a flight of stairs, walking through a mall or even exercise. Portable oxygen canisters now offer a solution to get through such challenges. By eliminating the feeling of being out of breath, you can get on with living life.

With declining air quality worldwide and the increased stresses placed on the mind and body, the need for better air quality especially more oxygen, is becoming a reality.

Oxygen supplementation is a way to get more oxygen into your lungs and bloodstream. Portable oxygen can be used while you do your daily tasks and can decrease shortness of breath, allowing you to do more.

The human body is able to survive on average of up to 3 weeks without food, 11 days without sleep, 4 days without water and a mere 5 minutes without oxygen. Put into perspective, we have spent years and millions of dollars working out just the right amount food, sleep and water the body requires to perform optimally, however the most important element has been overlooked.

The brain or mind is the most affected by poor oxygen levels. The brain roughly makes up 2% of the average person’s body mass, however uses 20% of the body’s oxygen supply to function normally. This means that should the oxygen in the air around you be poor, your mind will be affected the most. Another interesting fact is, the body isn’t able to measure oxygen levels, but is able to measure carbon dioxide levels. This means there are instances when your oxygen levels are low, without you knowing it.

 Stress is another oxygen eater. When under stress the body takes shorter breaths of air or stops breathing altogether, and with the build-up of adrenalin, results in a shortage of oxygen and thinking ability. It’s no mystery why every form of martial arts and meditation, teaches breathing techniques. By breathing deeper during stressful situations, the brain is given sufficient oxygen to maintain focus and make rapid decisions. PureO2, being an inhaled product, forces a person to breathe, combined with a 95% concentration of O2, allows the mind to think clearly and take action. By adopting the principles of eastern teachings combined with a higher concentration of oxygen, it is believed this shortens the process of de-stressing and calming the mind.

If being out of breath or stress is slowing you down, take a step back and take a breath of premium concentrated oxygen. Not only will you feel great naturally, but there are no stimulants, caffeine or sugars contained in Pure O2.

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