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CrossFit Open 2018 – Pure O2


We created Pure O2 learning from the principles of martial arts and meditation. Our goal was to maximise the amount of work done in the SHORTEST space of Time. Intensity is essential for results and is measurable as work divided by time OR power. The more work you do in less time, or the higher the power output, the more intense the effort. Focus and concentration is the first thing to fade when the body is put under extreme physical strain. The first signs of this is, form starts to slip, muscles start to burn, breathing becomes uncontrollable and lastly dizziness.   90% of the time, this is not due to a lack of calorie intake but rather a lack of oxygen. The longer the intensity the more the oxygen required to continue at peak levels, and prevent lactic acid build up. When under a competitive environment, cortisol and adrenalin levels are high, further depleting the body’s oxygen levels.

CrossFit Application

With CrossFit especially, explosive moves are continuously done until failure or until time has run out. By consuming concentrated oxygen (oxygen loading) just minutes before competing, you saturate the body with oxygen, calming the mind but also holding higher levels of oxygen which will see you do MORE INTENSE reps in a shorter period of time. The moment you out of breath, calm your breathing, use more Pure O2 to regain balance and focus and get right back into it. Pure O2 will shorten rest periods so you are able to perform at higher intensities under time constraints.

Pure O2 is an Intra-workout which means it is consumed during the period you go extreme. Flooding the mind and body with oxygen during high intensity, ensures that you are at your best in that moment.

Lance Armstrong was able to achieve phenomenal results with the use of blood doping. The long and short of it was that his body was holding more blood during competition and therefore more oxygen improving endurance and intensity. Blood doping is illegal, however breathing a high concentration of oxygen naturally is allowed and will have the same effect, and hence portability of our can is so important.

What can you expect to feel…

With the use of Pure O2 you can expect to feel a sense of heightened alertness, stability, focus, unbelievable recovery times and because of the amazing de-stressing abilities of oxygen, a calming confidence.

Oxygen Loading…

Use Oxygen loading during a competition or when you trying to achieve a personal best!

A few minutes before you start your challenge we need you to oxygen load. It’s going to take 5 minutes in total. During a 5 minute period, every 20sec we need you to take a 1 sec burst of Pure O2.

  • Press down the nozzle for 1 sec and breathe in. After you have let go of the nozzle, continue to breathe in. The lungs take about 3 sec to fill completely with air. We want, 1 sec out of those 3 sec to be with Pure O2. After you take a deep breath with a 1 sec burst of Pure O2, hold your breath for 3 seconds then breathe out.
  • Every 20 seconds, over the period of 5minutes we want you to do the above.
  • This translates to 3 shots every minute and a total of 15, 1 sec shots over the 5 min period.
  • This is a good start for oxygen loading. If you get light headed, it’s because your body isn’t used to the high oxygen levels. Simply increase the time between the shots, so do 2 shots every minute or even 1 if it helps.

Helpful hint, if you consume a caffeine drink, (Pre-workout, Coffee, Redbull) before a workout..

The effects of Pure O2 are further amplified if you do consume a caffeine drink, as caffeine acts as bronchodilator which opens up the tiny vessels in the lungs to absorb more oxygen. If you looking to charge up your coffee or pre-workout, a few shots while consuming a caffeine drink will amplify the effect.


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