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Add a shot of ZEN to your Morning Fix

The start of our day kind of sets the tone for the rest the day. We do our best to greet our mornings on the best note possible, with some of us exercising at the break of dawn, making nutritious smoothies, brewing our finest teas/coffee or even having a morning cigarette. Hey, we do what makes us feel our best. There’s no judgement here ?

Now what if we could add a little more of a spring to your step? Would that interest you? Well not only can we add a little pep to your morning fix, but we can do it healthily without any stimulants, sugars or calories.

Welcome to the world of Pure Oxygen or Pure O2. Premium Oxygen Therapy Canisters containing 95% pure oxygen infused in a refreshing MINT aroma to naturally improve mental agility and clarity. Now that’s a health Buzzzzz. Inhaled while enjoying any drink of your choice or cigarette instantly refreshes mind and body for the ultimate NATURAL “wake up”.

Researching the principles of meditation, yoga and martial arts, we discovered they all had one thing in common, the power of a breath. We discovered the key ingredient to elevating an individual’s mental and physical state is Oxygen. We at Pure O2 have found a way to amplify a single breath, with 95% pure premium concentrated oxygen, to help individuals be in their best state to perform. There are no stimulants, caffeine or sugar in our product. Just the goodness of concentrated oxygen infused in a refreshing mint aroma, which naturally improves the “Feel Good Factor’’.

Those that meditate and exercise in the mornings, know and feel the mental and physical effects of improved oxygen flow. Now you can enjoy the same benefits through convenient oxygen therapy canisters at the breakfast table.

Go on, give it a Shot and know what its like to fully wake up!

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Lightening Quick Reflexes

How fast is your Sport?

If lightening quick reflexes and reaction times are critical to who wins or loses in your arena, then here is something that could very well ensure that attention and reaction times are at their optimum.

Here’s an interesting fact, a study was done on a group of students to determine the effect of inhaling highly concentrated oxygen on reaction times.  There was a significant improvement in reaction time in the presence of 43.2% oxygen compared with the 22.1% oxygen condition (Normal Air). This result supports the hypothesis that hyperoxic air increases oxygen saturation level in the blood, leading to more available oxygen to the brain, thus increasing the ability of cognitive processing.

These results are not surprising as meditation and martial arts teach us that strength, focus and awareness stem from how we breathe. Breathing a purer form of oxygen during a high-pressure competitive environment, can only lead to oxygen optimisation in the blood and the brain, resulting in improved alertness and awareness.

When we think of high speed, one but can’t help of thinking of race car drivers. The speeds at which man and machine are now accustomed to travelling at, on the race circuit is staggering, which means there is little to no room for error. Reflexes and alertness have to be lightening quick to manoeuvre a car on a track at over 300km an hour. It comes as no surprise that race car drivers in the UK and US are now using supplemental oxygen during races to keep super sharp.

Realistically any sport that involves physical and mental agility will benefit from the use supplemental oxygen. If the mind is in an optimum state of clarity, then execution of competition strategy becomes second nature.

Another useful tip is that, if pre-match jitters sometimes get the better of you, supplementing the mind with supplemental oxygen reduces the effect of shallow breathing caused by anxiousness, helping reduce cortisol levels, (stress hormone).

We have also taken our supplemental oxygen mixture a step further, we have infused pure oxygen in a refreshing Mint aroma to further enhance cognitive function Naturally. Now all that’s left is, for You to got out there and be amazing. You Got This!





Quick Guide to Listeriosis in South Africa

What is it?

It is bacterium found in contaminated soil, water, vegetation, poultry, cattle and milk.

Brands affected?


Rainbow (RCL Foods)

Retailers that have implemented recalls or refunds?


Pick n Pay

Food Lovers Market Gorup


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CrossFit Open 2018 – Pure O2


We created Pure O2 learning from the principles of martial arts and meditation. Our goal was to maximise the amount of work done in the SHORTEST space of Time. Intensity is essential for results and is measurable as work divided by time OR power. The more work you do in less time, or the higher the power output, the more intense the effort. Focus and concentration is the first thing to fade when the body is put under extreme physical strain. The first signs of this is, form starts to slip, muscles start to burn, breathing becomes uncontrollable and lastly dizziness.   90% of the time, this is not due to a lack of calorie intake but rather a lack of oxygen. The longer the intensity the more the oxygen required to continue at peak levels, and prevent lactic acid build up. When under a competitive environment, cortisol and adrenalin levels are high, further depleting the body’s oxygen levels. Read more

O2 Basics by Dr AA Khan #1

Back To Basics – O2 Physiology


The composition of dry air is 20.98% O2, 0.04% CO2, 78.06% N2, and 0.92% other inert constituents such as argon and helium. The movement of this oxygen from the outside environment to the cells within the tissues, and the transport of carbon dioxide in the opposite direction is defined as physiological respiration. Biologically, respiration can also be defined as a process of producing cellular energy. Where oxygen is present in this metabolic process aerobic respiration take place i.e. Glucose + Oxygen = Carbon Dioxide + Water + Energy. Read more