Brandon Petersen – PURE O2 Maverick

A Maverick is an individualist, nonconformist, free spirit, original, trendsetter, eccentric; rebel; informal BAD Boy

No matter how you describe it, it’s these type of people that change the world. We believe our Brand is a Maverick, changing the way people breathe and perform. It is therefore only fitting that we share the stories of Maverick Individuals. We want to learn, share and inspire YOU to take action. If you see it, you can do it.

Let’s introduce our first Maverick, Brandon Petersen aka Bboy The Curse.

Brandon has made dancing, a career in South Africa which is no easy feat. Not only has he managed to follow his passion but is able to make a living out of it. Brandon is a Bboy and loving every minute of it. Given that it’s not the most common type of dance or the easiest to learn, he has still managed to carve out a niche, for his own personal brand and unique mix of clean, dope, flava. Yes this is Bboy terminology. Brandon is living his dream. For all those aspiring Bboys and Bgirls out there, this is what Brandon had to say when we caught up with him:

“Consistency is key, show up and just keep doing you. You’re destined for Greatness!” – Brandon Petersen


What is your Personal Brand?

Brandon Petersen – Bboy The Curse (breakdancer/entertainer)


Sum up your profession/ who you are in a few words?

I’m a professional competitive b-boy (breakdancer) with +16 years of dancing experience. 3 times Red Bull BC One South Africa Champ 2012/2015/2016 and 5 times South African Solo B-boy champ. Starring as Mike in the new ‘Honey 3 – Dare to dance’ movie (Universal Pictures).

Brand Ambassador – PUMA (SA), G-SHOCK (Casio SA), Happy Socks (SA), Sneakerlab and Flexfit Headwear (SA)


When did you realise what you wanted to do in life?

The first time I saw breaking was back in 1999. This was at a primary school fundraiser. Some teacher was hosting a little disco. This is where I saw a group of kids gathering around someone, cheering him on. This caught my interest and I ran over to see what’s happening. That was the first time I saw breaking live, the feeling was unexplainable, it was like receiving the Christmas gift you were praying for the entire year. I never knew back then what it was called but I knew this is what I want to do and where I belong. I didn’t start breaking back then because I had no connection with any B-boys, only when I got to high school that’s where and when I started.


What have been the biggest challenges thus far?

I’d say the biggest challenge would be making a career out of B-boying. I am one of the lucky few that’s living off my passion but I want to reach/ work towards a level where it’s more secured and at the same time get the respect street dancers deserve. In South Africa, I’m usually asked;

Person: So what do you do?

Me: I am a dancer.

Person: Cool but what do you do for a living?

Wanting to be a dancer should be an established career choice should one feel and believe they can do in it. Another challenge is finding public space to have open classes/sessions, we have community halls but there’s always some drama getting a time slot for b-boys.


Where do you draw your motivation from?

The older generation b-boys, those who are still competing. My crew (Concrete Apostles), and then there’s the younger generation, the younger guys are the ones that really push me to perform better. My area is another source of motivation, I get to travel and see places which some will never get to see and with me being able to do it, I can then bring that experience back home and paint them a picture of my travels with photos and videos and this usually puts a smile on their faces. And for that they’ll always “big up me”.


What has been the most defining moment of your Maverick journey thus far?

Being nominated and respected as one of South Africa’s best b-boys.


How do you feel people can help you/ your cause/ your journey?

Respect my time and years of training invested in my craft when hiring my service. Provide/create a secure space for those who would love to dance. Support community based events, especially the type of events that’s directed at making our communities safer.


What’s next on your To Do List?

Self-funded travels to international dance events, hosting dance battles in South Africa and also doing more free dance classes. Trying to get more corporates to invest in breakdance. Choreographing new Kyk Net TV series called ‘Danz’. I’ve been recruited to work with the ‘Agenda 2030: Art&culture make the world go ’round’ project, NEW CULTURE OF PARTICIPATION AGENDA 2030. Our Crew is working on aim no.11: Development of urban districts in order to make society inclusive and safe.


What’s your message to the world?

Consistency is key, show up and just keep doing you. You’re destined for greatness.

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