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Lightening Quick Reflexes

How fast is your Sport? If lightening quick reflexes and reaction times are critical to who wins or loses in your arena, then here is something that could very well ensure that attention and reaction times are at their optimum. Here’s an interesting fact, a study was done on a group of students to determine […]

Improve Memory and Mental Clarity Before Exams

Here is an interesting fact, the brain makes up 2% of our body mass but uses 20% of our oxygen supply for normal function. That ratio of size, to oxygen consumption, says oxygen is pretty important for brain function. Now the brain literally controls every body function both conscious and unconscious, however the most researched […]

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CrossFit Open 2018 – Pure O2

Why IT WORKS… We created Pure O2 learning from the principles of martial arts and meditation. Our goal was to maximise the amount of work done in the SHORTEST space of Time. Intensity is essential for results and is measurable as work divided by time OR power. The more work you do in less time, […]

Blake Louwrens – Pure O2 Maverick

A Maverick is an individualist, nonconformist, free spirit, original, trendsetter, eccentric; rebel; informal BAD Boy No matter how you describe it, it’s these type of people that change the world. We believe our Brand is a Maverick, changing the way people breathe and perform. It is therefore only fitting that we share the stories of Maverick Individuals. We want to learn, share and […]

O2 Basics by Dr AA Khan #1

Back To Basics – O2 Physiology   The composition of dry air is 20.98% O2, 0.04% CO2, 78.06% N2, and 0.92% other inert constituents such as argon and helium. The movement of this oxygen from the outside environment to the cells within the tissues, and the transport of carbon dioxide in the opposite direction is […]

Competing in Johannesburg

Johannesburg has an altitude of 1753 meters or 6000 feet, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johannesburg . Professional athletes need at least a week to acclimatise to this altitude before competing and is something that is considered by all coaches irrespective of the sport. This shows the seriousness that altitude has on athletic performance.

Usain Bolt – a legend of our Times

  Probably the most researched fact about Usain Bolt, is his real name. So let’s answer that right away. His real name is in fact Usain St. Leo Bolt. Now what are the odds of that? The fastest man alive today, has the word BOLT in his name.