Shape UP

O2 + Glucose = ATP (ultimate energy molecule for the body). Create more ATP by breathing Pure O2, for more explosive performance without any additional calories, for a leaner, stronger you.


For Breath is life, and if you breathe well, you will live long on earth. Consider Supplemental oxygen if you feel fatigued due to a heart, lung or blood (Anemia) condition. Catch you’re breath before the onset of a Panic or Anxiety attack.


Amplify a single breath with 95% Pure oxygen, INFUSED with a refreshing MINT aroma, to reduce cortisol levels (stress hormone), rejuvenating the mind and de-stressing the body while improving mental clarity and memory recall.

Go Higher

Use Pure O2 portable oxygen canisters to take you’re adventures to new altitudes. Pure O2 helps compensate for oxygen deficits at high altitudes, relieving symptoms of altitude sickness.

Welcome to Pure O2.

PURE O2 was created based on the principles of Meditation, Yoga and the Martial Arts. The power of healing, focus and strength stems from how we breathe. PURE O2 amplifies a single breath with *95% pure oxygen, to ensure maximum oxygen intake with all the natural benefits of oxygen.

Every can of PURE O2 contains *95% PURE ENRICHED OXYGEN in its Natural Gas State, delivered at MORE than 4 times the concentration of everyday air. Breathe in, PREMIUM concentrated oxygen in a lightweight portable canister.

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Whats in the bag?

Being SA’s first canned oxygen supplement, means that you can breathe enriched oxygen whenever and wherever you need it the most.

PureO2 helps improve strength, speed, focus and confidence, so that you performe at your best, with PureO2, you will make more moments worth remembering. Do more with PureO2

Go higher
Be Healthy
Be focused
be strong
be relaxed

Your life in days




Screen Staring


Sitting Down


Average lifespan

Limited Stock Available due to a Nationwide Shortage of Oxygen